Healing Light Hypnosis

Healing Light Hypnosis

Healing Light HypnosisHealing Light HypnosisHealing Light Hypnosis

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Are you ready for a new path forward?

If you are here then you're ready for a change. Most people come to a hypnotherapist after they have tried everything else and found that traditional therapy hasn't worked or they have experienced a life threatening diagnosis and want to know more about healing alternatives. Hypnotherapy is all about the mind body connection and facilitating your amazing ability to heal, to connect, to understand...and in doing so, move your life forward.

This is a very exciting step you are taking for your health, and hypnotherapy can help.  Please call or email to set up your free consultation and get started on your new path forward.


The Hypnotherapy Experience

Once you've had your free consultation, we start your appointment by discussing what you are working through and hope to accomplish. Then you'll sit back and listen to soft music as I guide you with verbal cues and visualizations into a relaxing trance. This is the same state of mind that we all experience just before sleep every night. Your body will feel very relaxed while your brain is very much awake and able to remember everything. You will be able to talk to me though the session; you are always in control and able to come out of trance any time you like. It's that easy..... Just like pushing the reset button.  


Your Goals

Whatever your goals are...Hypnotherapy can help. Hypnosis is very effective for cancer patients, weight loss, pain, addictions, sleeplessness, even self confidence and test taking...and so much more. I have worked with Parkinson's patients to help lessen tremors and improve mobility and cognitive skills, depending on the degree of the diagnosis. As well I have worked with people diagnosed with Cancer to help relieve stress and pain, and improve sleep. Please call, it's free to find out if hypnosis can help you.


Located in Grass Valley, CA

For questions or to schedule a free 20 minute consultation please call me at 



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