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Benefits of Hypnosis

When you connect with your inner landscape and begin to move forward you can accomplish so much more in life. Sessions often open doors to new ways of seeing life long after your appointment. Life takes on  new meaning when we understand the origins of our often negative thoughts, and we can change or alter the outcome in positive ways. It's like having a "reset" and the benefits just keep coming.

Weight Loss

When you decide it's time to move forward with life and release the weight... give me a call, I have several ways for you to accomplish your goals and save money. And the results are amazing! And with your new understanding comes a new you, prepared to move through life with more joy & mindfulness. 

Other Possibilities...

Hypnosis is very useful for...




self confidence


Parkinson's symptoms

cancer side effects

athletic performance

test taking

soul journeys

and more... give me a call  

Weight Loss

This is my recommended basic protocol for loosing weight and making a lifestyle change that lasts. It's very important to stay in the program if you want to see success, and we can design it to fit your life.  Advanced purchase of the weight loss program before you begin will guarantee a discounted price. Call, so we can talk about your needs.

8 Session Weight Loss Program


Personal assessment 

4 Hypnosis sessions -  first session is 2 hours, then three more 1 hour sessions weekly.

4 Reinforcement Hypnosis sessions - 30 minutes weekly, by phone, Zoom.

Hypnotic Gastric Band Visualization (optional)

Success Journal

Learn mindful self-hypnosis for maintaining your weight.

Life time access to resources  

8 session program paid in 2 installments,  costs 550.00

Purchase the program in advance 525.00

~ Minimum Weight Loss Commitment ~

Commitment is critical. My recommended minimum protocol  is important in order to assist your progress and give you a chance to release and lose the weight.This is a lifestyle change not a diet. 

~With the Hypnotic Gastric Band you can feel full while your body transforms to your ideal personal size. It really works! Ask me how.

If you have been struggling for a long time, then it's time to commit and get your life on the path you want.

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Cancer Navigation

As a cancer survivor, I am offering sessions especially designed for people going through cancer treatments, or for those who have completed treatments and need more help to get back into a happier, healthier life. I am here for you.

* I am looking to start a cancer support group to teach self-hypnosis and promote  a healthy path forward. If you are interested please contact me at 


Hypnotherapy Sessions

1 hour - 75.00 

These sessions are generally for

Stress, Phobias, Traumas, Depression, Relationships, 

Soul's Purpose, Self Confidence, Sleep Issues, 

Parkinson's Symptom Management, Cancer Side Effect Management 

& Assist in Healing Addictions, Pain, Anxiety, Headaches

Sports Performance, Test Taking


 ~ See my clients testimonials ~

Call if you have questions 530-263-8048

Soul Journeys

Past Lives, Life Between Lives, Enhancing Intuition. These sessions can be life changing and give you a new perspective. This is my area of excellence & joy, my forte. the journey that you make will be unparalleled, the wholeness and understanding that you will feel will be with you always. 


"The light in me...honors the light  in you"

Cancellation Policy

It is with pleasure that I serve you and I hope in return you will do me the honor of arriving on time.  If you must cancel an appointment please give me 24 hours notice, unless it's an emergency, and we can reschedule. If you would like a refund for a package you have purchased then please contact me, a refund will be given for the unused portion. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding.